Thursday, July 8, 2010


One year from today, my daughter, Briana, and her fiance, Jeff, will be getting married. July 8, 2011. Briana and I have been doing quite a bit of wedding planning since they got engaged. I'm loving the time that we are spending to plan this very special day in her life. A few weeks ago I took a trip to MN to visit family and do some shopping with her. We bought her wedding dress and no, this isn't it. I certainly can't share a photo of it with you until after the wedding. What I can tell you is that she looks stunning in it and it was soooo much fun sharing the experience with her. We also looked at bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. This flower girl dress is on Etsy and I think it is so precious and absolutely adorable. I've marked it as a favorite just in case...

Since I design invitations, I brought samples and photos with me so Briana could give me an idea of what she wants. I've never felt so much pressure to come up with the perfect invitation for a bride!

We also looked at lots and lots of flower photos and visited a florist. This is the one area that neither one of us knows what to do. I think there are still lots and lots of flower photos to be exchanged between us in our near future.
Planning a wedding long distance can be stressful, but I'm happy to say that we both are really enjoying it. The internet has been so valuable in sharing our ideas with each other. And thank God for cell phones with free minutes on nights and weekends!

As soon as Briana books her photographer, I will share the site with you. This woman takes amazing photos of children which I can't get enough of. Each one is cuter than the last.
Here's to all of us mothers who are helping our daughters plan their weddings. May we all find inspiration in the treasured moments shared with our daughters.
PS. These are all random photos that I've collected over time. My apologies for not giving proper credit.

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  1. What an honor to be the main subject in such a large post! I love it...thanks mom!