Saturday, July 31, 2010


I love Target.(That is I love Target until I get to the checkout and realize how much money I really spent on all those things that I think I can't live without.) I love picking up things in the dollar section for my young nieces and nephew. I love browsing just about every department to see what's new and exciting (or on clearance). I love Target. Plain and Simple.

Well, last week Target tarnished that love. Target and I will be taking a break and we won't be spending as much time together. You see, I lost a bit of respect for Target last week when a large donation was made by the Target CEO to MN Forward. MN Forward is a coalition that supports Tom Emmer, a Republican candidate for Governor. Emmer is anti gay which is a real contradiction to what I believe Target stands for. Target is very supportive of the GLBT community and is a major supporter of Pride festivities. They also offer benefits to domestic partners.

I think of Target as "The People's Store". It's the store where any one, any where can buy anything. I'm so disappointed in Target for making this decision to donate to a candidate who doesn't believe in equal rights for all people.

Except to pick up a prescription refill later today, I won't be shopping at Target until an attempt is made to make things right again. Please, Target, do your best to quickly remedy the situation you have gotten yourself in to. How about an equal donation to another candidate who does support gay rights? That might make me and millions of others who are outraged over your behavior feel a little bit better.
If you are interested in more information regarding Target and MN Forward, you can read about it here and here. Also take the time to listen to this video made by a mom in MN who feels the same way I do. All of our gay loved ones and friends deserve the same respect and rights that you and I have.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love fabric. Plain and simple. I remember walking through fabric stores with my mom when I was little. I loved touching all the beautiful fabrics. I'm sure the clerks in the stores didn't appreciate my love of fabric as I felt the need to touch EVERY bolt of fabric that I could get my hands on.

I don't remember at what age I first started sewing, but I know that I was still playing with Barbie dolls as Barbie and Skipper were the first recipients of my idea of fashion design. When I was in Jr. High (I guess it's called Middle School now) I started sewing my own clothes and clothes for my friends. I made maternity clothes when I was pregnant and clothes for my children when they were young. When my kids were in high school, I went back to school to learn upholstery. So, as you can see, fabric has always played a large role in my life.Where am I going with this? Well, I'm a bit frustrated as I've just learned of another store that sells fabric, that has closed near my home. That's three places in the last year. What's happening? Isn't anyone sewing anymore? I'm down to Joann Fabrics and one upholstery fabric store, and that's it. Where am I supposed to go to get my fabric fix? Don't get me wrong, I love Joann's and my local upholstery fabric store, but I can't find everything that I need there. Am I supposed to get my fabric on-line? How can I touch it? How can I feel it's softness? I'm all for on-line stores, I just don't know that it works in every situation. Like when I NEED new fabric RIGHT NOW. Not 3 days from now.

If anyone knows of any fabric stores in South Orange County, California, please let me know. I'm desperate. Photo above found here.



I used to donate blood on a regular basis through the Red Cross. I moved from MN to CA and just never got around to being a consistent donor again. I thought about it, but you know how it goes, other things seemed more important and it just never happened.

A few weeks ago I went in for my annual mamamogram and the woman at the front desk asked me if I would be interested in donating blood at our local hospital. I made an appointment and went in yesterday to donate. Talk about getting the royal treatment! I couldn't have been treated nicer. They were SO appreciative of my donation.

Many hospitals have their own donation centers within their building. All blood donated in the center, stays in the hospital. In the end your donation ends up with you friends, neighbors and people in your community. You can go in and donate for someone specific that you know that needs it. I like this idea of donating to my community.

The Red Cross still needs blood as well. I remember leaving after a donation feeling that I was really doing something on a large level. I felt good about doing something to help a stranger. I always thought donating was the least I could do as maybe one day I would be the one needing it.

Be it your local hospital or the Red Cross, please consider donating your blood. It's so easy and you are in and out in an hour. You can do it every 56 days and it just plain feels good to be doing something for someone else. AND...they always give you good cookies and juice when you are finished!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If you've never taken a browse on Flickr, it's time that you do. You will find some amazing photography on just about any subject. Last night I was too tired to do anything productive, so I thought a look at flickr for some inspiration was in order. I chose the category "Interestingness last 7 days" and here's a sampling of what I found. I certainly didn't find any craft inspiration, but I really enjoyed the photos that I did see.

I swim a few times a week, and I'm quite sure I have never loooked like this as I come out of the water!
This photo was just complete tranquility and serenity for me. Being a Type A person, I love the orderliness of it's beauty.

Isn't she just beautiful! Those eyes just draw me in.

This one I thought was just plain fun!

This one...not so much fun. I am terrified of bats, but I'm intrigued with them at the same time. The person that posted this photo wrote that her mom had found a couple of these baby bats at work.
So treat yourself to a little photo fun next time you have a few spare minutes. You never know what you will find.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I recently found this really great website for storage containers. The name of the company is the Macbeth Collection. First you pick the size and style bucket that you want, then the pattern, and you get fun custom storage like this. Here are a few of the designs that I like, but there are tons of fun and colorful prints to choose from.
I'm thinking any of these would be perfect in my craft room.

This orange zebra I would just have to get for my daughter. She would love it!

Take a look for yourself here. What a fun and colorful way to store all those must have items that you want to keep out of sight. They also carry trays, clipboards, vases and flip flops. What more could you ask for? Which patterns would you choose?

Monday, July 12, 2010


These are my Wild Child Zebra shoes that I sell on Etsy. They are my most popular style on Etsy and anywhere else that I sell. This is the first version with a bow. This is the second version with a fluffy flower. I've also done them in a high top version and in a sandal.

And this is a shoe that I found on the internet last week. See anything similar? Much to my delight, this shoe is not available until July 25th, so it was definately my idea first. Not too impressed with the large aqua bow on the back, but I sure wish I had that cute tag on my Wild Child shoes.

So what is it they say? "Imitation is the best form of flattery". Yes that's it, but I doubt that's the case here...just a case of coincidence. I doubt very much this large manufacturer saw my little shop on Etsy and said, "Cute name, let's copy it". Fun for me to think that's what happened though!



In the last few months, our backyard has seen it's share of visitors. First you need to know that according to our friends and relatives from the midwest that have been here to visit, our backyard is the size of a postage stamp. In other words it's quite small. It's entirely fenced in, but somehow it's been attracting it's share of wildlife. First a bunny trying it's best to get into the house through our sliding door. Then a skunk that scared the living day lights out of my husband when he realized he was only moments away from being sprayed. And this was yesterday's intruder. I've been looking on the internet to see if I could find out what kind it is, but no luck yet. Any ideas?
This is my husband trying to get the snake out from behind our gardening supplies. He finally ended up trapping it in the garbage can and taking it back to it's home in the wilderness. My apologies for the not so clear photo. I took the picture from behind the screen door. There was no way I was going to go outside.
So I'm wondering what our next backyard visitor will be. I think I prefer the hummingbirds. What's in your backyard?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


One year from today, my daughter, Briana, and her fiance, Jeff, will be getting married. July 8, 2011. Briana and I have been doing quite a bit of wedding planning since they got engaged. I'm loving the time that we are spending to plan this very special day in her life. A few weeks ago I took a trip to MN to visit family and do some shopping with her. We bought her wedding dress and no, this isn't it. I certainly can't share a photo of it with you until after the wedding. What I can tell you is that she looks stunning in it and it was soooo much fun sharing the experience with her. We also looked at bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. This flower girl dress is on Etsy and I think it is so precious and absolutely adorable. I've marked it as a favorite just in case...

Since I design invitations, I brought samples and photos with me so Briana could give me an idea of what she wants. I've never felt so much pressure to come up with the perfect invitation for a bride!

We also looked at lots and lots of flower photos and visited a florist. This is the one area that neither one of us knows what to do. I think there are still lots and lots of flower photos to be exchanged between us in our near future.
Planning a wedding long distance can be stressful, but I'm happy to say that we both are really enjoying it. The internet has been so valuable in sharing our ideas with each other. And thank God for cell phones with free minutes on nights and weekends!

As soon as Briana books her photographer, I will share the site with you. This woman takes amazing photos of children which I can't get enough of. Each one is cuter than the last.
Here's to all of us mothers who are helping our daughters plan their weddings. May we all find inspiration in the treasured moments shared with our daughters.
PS. These are all random photos that I've collected over time. My apologies for not giving proper credit.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Okay, it's been said that the pink wall in my new craft room is well... quite pink and bright. My son has even voiced a concern for the neighbors who can see the pink wall through the windows. Look what I found while checking out a few blogs today...
I guess if the neighbor's paint colors are the same as yours, it doesn't really matter how pink or bright they are!
If you'd like to read about these homes or see more images, look here.
Nothing like a bit of color inspiration!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend so far. We've just had a relaxing day and plan to do much the same tomorrow.

Enjoy your holiday!


Thursday, July 1, 2010


My cousin, Steve, passed away recently. He was only 48 years old and died of heart disease. I would describe Steve as a happy, gentle soul who joined in by staying in the background. I don't ever remember him being the center of attention, but he was always there with a smile on his face that could light up a room.
This is my favorite cousins photo. It used to hang in my grandparent's bedroom. I remember the day it was taken like it was just yesterday.

THAT WAS THEN... I was so upset when the photo was taken as I was wearing a hand-me-down dress that I hated. Even at age 10 I knew that horizontal stripes are not flattering! At least the tops of my knee highs were "rolled" down instead of "folded". Rolling was the cool way to wear them and I hoped my knee highs would make up for the ugly dress. All I wanted was to get this photo over with. Unfortunately both Steve and my sister Karen (far right) got the giggles and wouldn't stop laughing. They wouldn't stand still long enough to take the photo and it took forever. I got so annoyed with them. Why did they have to act so childish? Why couldn't they just stand still? How hard could it be to just stand still? What was their problem?

THIS IS NOW... Everytime I look at this photo I can't help but to laugh! It's one of my most cherished photos. Karen and Steve both look like they have to go to the bathroom. No wonder they couldn't stand still! Laurie (Steve's sister, standing next to Karen) looks like the happy go lucky little girl that I always remember her as. Janis (my youngest sister standing between Steve and me) is standing still just as she was told to. Obeying the rules just as she still does today as an adult. When I look at myself, I laugh the hardest. I still worry about what looks good on me and I still hate having my photo taken. And I never wear horizontal stripes!
Goodbye, Steve, thanks for all the wonderful memories of growing up with cousins like you and Laurie. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.