Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If you've never taken a browse on Flickr, it's time that you do. You will find some amazing photography on just about any subject. Last night I was too tired to do anything productive, so I thought a look at flickr for some inspiration was in order. I chose the category "Interestingness last 7 days" and here's a sampling of what I found. I certainly didn't find any craft inspiration, but I really enjoyed the photos that I did see.

I swim a few times a week, and I'm quite sure I have never loooked like this as I come out of the water!
This photo was just complete tranquility and serenity for me. Being a Type A person, I love the orderliness of it's beauty.

Isn't she just beautiful! Those eyes just draw me in.

This one I thought was just plain fun!

This one...not so much fun. I am terrified of bats, but I'm intrigued with them at the same time. The person that posted this photo wrote that her mom had found a couple of these baby bats at work.
So treat yourself to a little photo fun next time you have a few spare minutes. You never know what you will find.

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