Monday, June 28, 2010


As much as I loved my old craft room, it was time for a move. With the opening of my Etsy shop, I've been literally tripping over myself the last few months and couldn't stand it any longer. Last weekend I decided to flip flop the craft room and the guest room. It was a big decision as our guest's always love our sunny guest room. But, we don't have guests every day, and I DO craft almost every day, so in the end it really wasn't that big a decision to make. So with my husband's help, we got to work rearranging. And here are our results.

I know, you're asking why I do I need a TV in my craft room. I really enjoy watching (or listening) to movies while I work, so the TV really was a necessity no matter how uncreative it looks.

Because this room is larger, I'm now able to have one table for sewing and one for paper crafts. This is the main reason that I wanted to make the move. My sewing machine can now sit out full time. You can't see it, but there's a table top ironing board right by the machine as well. I LOVE the natural light that comes into this room!

Yes, that wall is definately PINK! It's about as pink as you can get! I wanted to add a bit of color to the room and I think I succeeded. My husband doesn't share my enthusiasm for it, but I love it! Don't worry, you can't see it from anywhere else in the house. You have to be in the room to enjoy it! Along the pink wall is my paper crafting table. Now I don't have to put away a sewing project to make a quick card.
This is a little space behind the door, that is perfect for the large ironing board and a bit of storage. The closets are also larger in this room as well, so I feel so much more organized.
So...with all this new space, I should be creating some amazing things, shouldn't I! Time will tell. Meanwhile I apologize to all my guests. But it's MY ROOM NOW!

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