Tuesday, June 8, 2010


After feeling that the Queen Bee Market was a success, I decided to get "serious" about the baby business. Getting serious means applying for a DBA, getting a tax ID#, opening a business bank account, and numerous other tedious paperwork type activities. The flip side is the creative part of starting a new business. Things like designing a logo for a business card... Designing the hangtag that goes on the shoes...

and the banner for the Etsy shop...

Now those are the fun and exciting parts. My friend at work, Lauren Godlove, is a graphic designer and I love everything she has designed for me. She was able to interpret the feel that I was going for and I'm thrilled with the results. She's also designing a website and woven tags for all of my products. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for the website! It's so exciting to see it all start to come together! I feel so professional and "serious"now!



  1. Who manages your business’s financial matters? Now that your business is growing, it is important that you look after your finances – what goes in and what goes out. Having a business software or an accounting software can help you manage your business well. Be sure to choose the one that can grow together with your business. Keep it up! You're doing great!

    -Jamie Shellman

  2. The moment you start your business, you should already think and act like a professional. Like what Jamie suggested, you should pay attention to your finances and don’t make any mistakes about it. Did you consider getting business software? Anyway, how’s your business coming along?

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