Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've just done my first trade on Etsy and love the outcome! The talented Shalon from Paper me Pretty contacted me to see if I would like to trade something from my Etsy shop for her graphic design services. I decided to have her design a new header for my blog since mine was so plain. I knew I wanted something clean, light and fresh looking but didn't know exactly what I wanted. So what you see above is the result of Shalon's design skills and I love how it turned out! For now I've done the background in a template that Blogger provides, but plan to keep working on it. Not sure if I'm loving so much pink.

This is the pair of little shoes that Shalon picked out for her baby girl. I would definately consider doing aother trade in the future. What a great way to get things that I need or want. Anyone else on Etsy want to do a trade?


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