Monday, November 15, 2010


Queen Bee is over and based on the crowds of people who attended, it was an enormous success! I had so much fun getting to know the other vendors. Talk about talent. So much creativity in one room. I wanted to just absorb it all and take it home with me to use in the moments that I'm lacking in inspiration. Here's a peek of some of my favorite booths.

New to the market this year...Wendy Miracle. How cute is this? I love the hats, and the balloons really added to the festive look of her display.
Erica Leilani Designs had the most beautiful pearl bracelets. LOVED THEM!

Mommy Holly was the winner of the best booth in May, and certainly didn't disappoint this time!

Holly's mom, Heidi, had the most welcoming booth. I just wanted to sit down amongst all those pillows and do some people watching.

Funky Vintage Kitchen was the winner of the best booth this time around. What an amazing display. She had the cutest chalkboard frames that were an instant hit and sold out right away.
Just a smattering of the booths, and the artist's themselves were even better. Everyone that I met was so eager to share ideas. And Jessica and Mique, (the queens in Queen Bee) couldn't have put on a better market. All their hard work was so appreciated by every one of the vendors. Can't wait for the next one in May!

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