Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been purchasing Fiesta Ware for my daughter for the past few years. I started her with some pastel pieces I picked up ages ago, my friend, Janae, added some yellow pieces, and now she has a great collection of bright ones as well with LIME GREEN and ORANGE being her favorites. Each time I eat at her house, I think about how happy and fun Fiesta Ware is, how it never goes out of style, and is so well loved by generations of women. The options for color combinations are endless...only limited by the imagination. (First 2 photos Apartment Therapy)

Well now it's my turn! I've just purchased my first piece in Paprika, pictured below. My home is decorated in shades of gold, brown, and red. I'm thinking Fiesta Ware in a mix of those colors with a bit of turquoise added to the mix. The turquoise is just stunning and would spice up the more neutral colors. Can't wait to get started...hear that Mom and Dad...with my birthday and Christmas just around the corner...hint, hint...(Photo found here)

What a great way to start each day, with the colorful inspiration found in these timeless dishes. Let me know if you have a favorite Fiesta story, picture, or color. I'd love to hear from you!

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