Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at one of the most beautiful venues I've ever seen. I was at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California helping a friend of mine who is a wedding coordinator. I grabbed these few photos with my new phone to see how well the camera worked. Well, it was really to see how well I could work the camera. I don't doubt that the wedding photographer will have much better photos, but since you won't get to see his, you're stuck with mine...

The venue overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is breathtaking. This is a portion of the 18 hole golf course. Let me just say, "Lush and green".
Here is the ceremony site before any decorating has begun. In my photo, you can barely see the ocean in the background, but I promise you, it's there.

This is looking up at the reception site from the ceremony site. There's a beautiful patio for cocktails and the view from the reception site is STUNNING.
Here's one of the tables. I wish I would've taken a picture of the whole room, but you know, I WAS supposed to be working.
So there you have it...elegant, beautiful, breathtaking. What more could a bride ask for on her wedding day. Oh, and the weather was perfect as well!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful and you did a great job with the photos!