Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm sure you've been just dying to find out how my knitting is going. Or IF I decided to even give it a try. Well, I have and here is the pattern that I chose. I know, why not start with something a bit more simple...something without sleeves maybe? Well, I figure I might as well just jump right in and this sweater can't be THAT hard can it? Here's the progress so far. Oh my gosh, the needles and yarn are so thin! They're so hard to hang on to and I keep dropping stitches and having to rip out rows. I'm going to keep at it and am not ready to put up my arms in frustration yet. I'm not saying that day won't come, but hopefully I'll have the sweater done before too long.
In other happenings, I'm doing a guest post over at Queen Bee Market today. It's all about buying handmade this holiday season or better yet making your gifts yourself. Click here to take a look. They also featured me as a vendor on Wednesday so you can give that post a read as well.
I'm off to the fabric store. Have a great weekend!

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