Monday, October 4, 2010


It's not a sunny day here in CA, it's more like wet and cool. Is fall finally here? After temps in the 80's and 90's recently, it feels so nice to have it cool and more "fallish". Coming from the Midwest, I miss autumn and the beautiful colors that come along with it. Therefore, since it's a bit cooler today I've decided to do my fall decorating. While looking on the internet, I found these inexpensive ideas for using pumpkins.

Love, Love, Love this photo of the pumpkins just spilling out of the fireplace. How simple and unique. Painting a few of them is a great idea as well. I must find me some pumpkins...quick!
This stack of pumpkins would be great on the front steps with my address painted on it. On second thought maybe not. I'd only get to use 2 pumpkins.
I found these photos by just googling "fall decorating" and clicking on the images that appeared. There were dozens and dozens of fun ideas. Have yourself a look and enjoy these colorful days of fall.

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