Monday, May 17, 2010


Back in November (when the thought of starting a business and a blog had never entered my mind), I told my niece I would make her a quilt. At the time I thought I needed a project. Now, I'm quite sure that I DON'T need a project, but I guess that's beside the point. Anyway, we went to the quilt shop and this is the pattern that she picked out. I told her I'd have it done by her graduation. You can guess what's coming next, can't you. That's right. I haven't even started it yet and her graduation party is just over 3 weeks away. If you've ever quilted than you know that a quilt isn't something that you just whip together in an afternoon. I still don't even have all the fabric yet, but here's the start of it.
Yup, there's 12 different fabrics there and I still need 4 more. Maybe a bit more orange. So..I'm off to the fabric store and I'm thinking I need to call in sick tomorrow. Do you think "quilt fever" is an illness? Somehow I don't think my boss will buy it. Wish I liked coffee. I think I have some late nights ahead of me.

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