Friday, May 14, 2010


After browsing my Etsy shop for the first time, my dad wanted to know why I didn't have any hiking or motorcycle boots for the boys. I think he had a hard time spotting the few lonely pairs of boys shoes that I DID have. In his words, "Everything is always for girls." You need to know that my dad is no stranger to "girl stuff" as my mom gave birth to three of us. So Dad, this one is for you!

Since starting All Things for Baby I've really wanted to offer items for boys. I remember when my son was young, how unexciting it was to go shopping for clothes for him. After all, how much could you do with a boy's shirt back in the mid 80's. It either had a collar or it didn't. It either had short sleeves or it had long sleeves and that was about it. With the explosion of "Babyitis" among celebrities and the rest of the world, I gotta admit boy's clothing has come a long way. As a mom of both a boy and a girl, I know that shopping for girl's clothing is oodles more fun. All the pink, and bows, and ruffles! Not to mention the hair accessories, dresses, and just general cuteness of girl stuff. Sorry. Back to the boys...
Here's my first baseball cap for baby boys
I finally got the brim just right. And no, I'm not doing them in "Dad" sizes yet! If I ever do, my dad will get the first one!

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