Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here are a few more items that I've finished for our "It's All About Lindsey" weekend. I've hung the "Longley Event Center Rules" on the back of the guest room door and I will give them the clipboard when I meet them at the airport and they will need to show me their photo ID'S and sign in.

Next I made a banner to hang near the door where they will walk into the house. I also made water bottle labels and chocolate bar wrappers for the water and chocolate that I put in their room. While I wait for them at the airport I will hold up the sign as if I don't know them and ask them to wear their name tags. I will do all of this provided I can keep myself from laughing! I've also made everyone name tags. Mine and my husband's aren't in the photo, but his says "Hired Help" and I have one that says "Driver" and another one that says "Activity Director".

I'm not sure if I'll get anything else made before they get here tomorrow night. I'm still thinking about a sign for the car that says "Longley Limousine Service" and a "Paid" reciept to give them at "Check-Out" Time. We'll see how it goes. My sister is celebrating her birthday today, so when they get here tomorrow night, we will be taking a break from "It's All About Lindsey" to celebrate "Just For Tonight, It's All About Janis".

The only glitch in my well thought out plans is that rain is in the forecast. I guess we'll be doing a bit more shopping and a little less beach time than we were planning.

Here's to making all the events in our lives a bit more creative!


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