Saturday, March 13, 2010


My sister and her daughter, Lindsey, are coming to visit us for a few days over Easter. Lindsey is a high school senior and the two of them thought it would be fun to take a mother/daughter trip before she graduates and goes off to college in the fall. My husband and I are thrilled that they've chosen to come to California and visit us! To add to the fun, I decided to treat it like a big event and name the weekend:
"It's All About Lindsey"

First came the Save the Date:

Then came the official invitation:

I let a few weeks go by and then sent them some brochures to browse through. I had just been to a Bridal Show at an Anaheim Hotel and all those brochures for tourists were just what I needed. I bundled up a nice assortment with a note to my "Valued Guests".

A few days later, I received the Activity Forms that I sent along with the invitations and had asked them to fill out and send back to me. Notice: they both purposely signed up for different activities!

This weekend I'm working on some of the final touches. When I'm finished I'll post some photos for you to see. It's been so much fun setting the stage and hearing their reactions to what I've done so far!

Put a little creativity into each day!


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