Thursday, January 6, 2011


Last night I did some online shopping. Now you need to know one thing about me. I hate paying for shipping. I know that sounds absurd for someone who has an online business, right?! I'm not sure why, but it just bothers me to pay it. Maybe it's because so many businesses have gauged me on what they call "shipping and handling". Sometimes I pay more for shipping than I do for the product. I finally get the product delivered to my doorstep, and it's in a box three times the size it needs to be. It's like they looked around the warehouse to find the biggest box they could find just to charge me more for shipping. Does anyone else know the feeling, or is it just me?

Ok, I'm done ranting. Here's the real reason for this post. I found a couple of Etsy sellers who have some gorgeous, fun fabric...

So, here's a peek of some of what I purchased for Spring 2011. I had such a hard time making up my mind. Don't you just love it! I wanted to buy more, but there's that thing called a "budget". I can't wait to receive it and start creating. Can't you just picture the mary janes, sandals, and high tops already! Oh, and the best part...neither seller over charged on shipping. Makes me love the fabric even more, and you can bet I'll be shopping with them again!

Fabric shops can be found here and here.


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