Saturday, January 8, 2011


If like me, you live in the world of Etsy, you know what this image means. It's the home page for Etsy, and features items by Etsy members that are grouped together in what are called Treasuries. It's every Etsy members goal to be on the Etsy front page. Look closely. Do you recognize anything?Yep, right there in the bottom corner, it's a pair of my Denim Comfort shoes for boys! I was looking at a site tonight called Craftcult that gives Etsy members the option to see if they have been listed in any treasuries that have been on the front page. I knew I hadn't been, but entered All Things for Baby anyway. I was so surprised when I saw this. And it was way back in April. How could I have missed it? My business was only 2 months old and this was one of the original 6 pieces that I listed. My shoes have been listed in many treasuries since then, but never on the front page, so it was so fun to see this.

You can bet I'll be watching much more closely now in the hopes that another pair of shoes makes it to the front page. Maybe two pairs this year...or a pair of shoes and a hat...I'm not picky!



  1. Ooh, so cool. Very exciting. :)

  2. Thanks, Shellie. If you haven't been to Craftcult yet you should. Lots of fun treasuries!

  3. Thanks.
    PS- I'm following you!

  4. thats so cool! congrats! i love that you search craftcult's vault to see if your listing has made the FP or even a treasury you created has made it. so awesome..

    btw...looooove those baby shoes~