Wednesday, December 29, 2010


You know the's where Tim Gunn says, "Thank you, Mood." Yep, I was there!
I've been wanting to visit Mood since I first started watching Project Runway. I've always pictured myself along with the shows designers searching for just the perfect fabric. It was a scene out of "Fabric Heaven." I can honestly say now that Mood IS as close as you can get to "Fabric Heaven"! The fabrics are stunning and I wanted to touch every beautiful roll of fabric I saw. There was wool, organza, silk, cashmere, and every other fabric you can imagine.Most of the fabric I looked at was in the range of $10-$70 a yard, which I thought was reasonable. The problem was that there wasn't much for children's fabric, so I was a bit out of luck. I did find a buy a couple of yards (I had to, right?), but was really hoping to find more. If I was designing women's wear I'd have gone bankrupt, and I'll just say that the cashmere was to die for!

Next season of Project Runway, I'll be sitting on my couch watching the designers choose their fabric, knowing the excitement they're feeling as they choose just the right piece.

Thank you Mood!

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