Thursday, February 17, 2011


So here are the final photos of our new and improved master bath. We're so pleased with how it turned out! Don't you think my husband did a fantastic job on it?! I tried to get more of the shower in this photo so you could see a bit of the tiling he did in there. I actually like our vanity even more than the inspiration vanity. I like having the drawers in the middle instead of just the cupboards below the sinks. And can I tell you how I love just wiping down the counter top instead of having to scrub the grout!
We've got a few neighbors interested in seeing how it all turned out. Now I just need to replace the old palm tree rug in front of the shower before we invite them over for the unveiling and maybe get some new towels. Then we'll need a new duvet cover and pillows for the bed, and definately new window treatments...

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